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Shalom! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to show you my Israel!

For twenty years I have been creating new and exciting experiences for visitors to Israel. Whether this is your first trip to Israel, or you think you have seen it all, I can make the land of Israel come alive for you!

Your tour will be custom-made especially for you.

If you want to see Israel’s highlights in seven days, spend five days in Jerusalem, or hike the Judean Hills, I can tailor an itinerary that reflects your taste and that will leave you with memories which will last a lifetime.

Let me show you the Israel that I love. As an Israel National Parks’ Ranger, an Israel Defense Force Paratrooper Officer and a Counsellor for the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, I developed a unique love for the land of Israel. Together, we’ll see Israel from an archeological and historical perspective. Along the way, we’ll also feel the land, meet the people and experience the culture of our wonderful Israel.

Let me show you the Israel you have never seen before, my Israel.

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My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed touring Israel with you. In reflecting upon our trip, several things stand out. First, we appreciated very much your deep understanding of all three of the major faiths in Israel’s history. You consistently related the beliefs of all three to the things we were seeing with respect and neutrality.

Second, you have a genuine talent for storytelling. Many times as we sat in a historical venue, you vividly described the historical context of events that took place there and the personalities involved in them.
Your telling of the story of the first century synagogue in Capernaum would be an excellent example of pulling together history, politics, archaeology and scripture in a way that made the place come alive.

Finally, several times you reviewed the itinerary to check our level of interest in planned events and then made adjustments to accommodate our interests. We appreciated both the sensitivity and the flexibility. All in all, we felt you did an excellent job. We have thanked the friend who referred you to us, and we will join him in referring you to others. Thanks again for all of your help.

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